Unlock level: Lv.6

What is Star Road? Edit

Star Road is one of the most popular weekly events to get S+ and CL players. The event will automatically offer a list that contains 4 S+ or CL players for managers to sign them. If you are not interested in the players, you can change them with Euro or GEMs. If you don't want to use these resources to change, scroll the interface then you can check the list of next week in advance.

What do I need to sign these players?Edit

Here are the resources you need to sign a S+ / CL player in the Star Road:

1. Three kind of Certificates: ATK Certificate, DEF Certificate and ORG Certificate. These three Certificates drop at random in Regular league D2 and up. If you want to make it more and faster, then try the highest league you are capable of. Next, pick a random team and challenge, pay attention to the Certificate type it drops at the end of the match. If it is the one you want, keep challenging. If not, change a team until you get the right Certificate. Remember the teams that could provide a certain Certificate type so that next time, you won't waste your time and Vitality.

2. Euro: Available in the Friendly Match, Career League, Tour, and Operation Center. The Friendly Match is the main way to make tons of euros in the game. When playing, only select those whose eruos are over 5 mil. as your opponents and try your best to be on a win streak.

3. CL Certificate: Drops randomly in the Legendary Classics.

4. S Players: There are three main ways to get a S player:

Career League (won from league rewards), Super Scout and Trade

5. S GK's: Available by using the Outstanding GK Letter which can be obtained from the Daily Gift and in the Shop. Note: A S+ GK needs to be swapped with 2 S GK's

6. Vitality: Claimable in the Event and also can be earned in the Europa Conquest.

7. 50 GEMs: Available in the Career League, Legendary Classics, Tour, Daily Gift and by Purchasing.

Any strategy to sign the player with lower price?Edit

Player's favorability will decide the final signing price in the negotiation stage. When the resources required are well prepared, pass all the steps without retry to maxmium your object player's favorability. The higher the player's favorability, the less Euro you need to offer to sign him.

Player's favorability can be viewed next to this player's photo on the top left of the interface. 

Here are two tips you can increase his interest:

1. In the step 2, try to answer all questions without mistake.

2. In the step 7, try to purchase the most expensive villa for the object player.

When you finished all 7 steps and enter the negotiation stage, you can make your offer according to the feedback of agent.