Build Up is an important way to enhance a player’s capability in the game, it opens at Lv.46.

The whole Build Up process is divided into 3 steps: Shape Up - Boost - Breakthrough, among which Boost is regarded to be the most difficult part to complete, but not anymore with the following strategy.

For example the boosting of attribute FRK (Free Kick). From the picture below we know that it includes 3 different drills. Choose a random one, let’s say Free Kick Shot, confirm and your Free Kick Shot bar will increase by 3 points. We know that repeatedly proceed with the same drill will get you extra points, which means, if you keep doing Free Kick Shot without choosing Replay Analysis or any other drills, then from the first time on, you will get 3+0, 3+1, +2, +3, +4, +5, + 7, +9, +11, +13, +15, +18, +21, +24, +27, +30, after that (the 16th time), it will keep declining, becoming +20, +10, +7, +4, +1, +0 and then will go up again. During this process, I suggest you conduct one Replay Analysis at the second +4 (20th time). This way, you will be able to hit a total of 316 points with 100 Energy.

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