The Europa Conquest is one of the best way to earn basic resources. The quantity depends on the points you earn during the Europa Conquest event. Your performance in the Europa Conquest determines your team growth. Here are some strategies for you about how to get more points:

1. There are golden spots on each type of map. Occupying these spots can bring you lots of points. If you are a top team on the server, they are your best choices.

2. Please note that when you take over an occupied spot from another alliance, you will receive points base on your occuping time and also you will be rewarded with extra points. In order to hold the spot as long as possible, you can use Formation Guides (available in the Master League shop) to temporarily boost your team strength for 30 minutes. Tactic Robots are also helpful which can make your tactics unpredictable. Remember, an occupied spot provides more benefits than a vacant spot.

3. If your team strength is not that high, then the golden spots could be dangerous for you. Because it will make you the target of your opponent alliance. Hence, if you don't have confidence in holding a golden spot, choose a normal one.

4. The Europa Conquest needs good teamwork. If you are president of your alliance, show your leadership.