The Europa Match is another important feature in the game, where the items below are available:

1. Items only applicable to the Master Match: Fan Cheer, Fan Chant, Fan Abuse, Fan Hiss and Tactical Insight. These items can help you qualify for the Final Round.

2. Items that can boost your team strength: Jr. ATK / DEF Replay (helps level up your counter tactics), and Training / Potential / Growth Report (necessary items in the Reinforce).


1. If you don't have confidence in getting promoted into the Final Round, then enroll yourself in an area where there are teams with great potential to win. If the final winner is from your area, then your will also receive extra points.

2. In the Final Round, you will be able to receive 500 coins for each win. If you encounter a well-matched opponent, use your coins to buy items which can boost your team strength. Don't forget to place your bid on the team that you think will be the winner, it could bring you considerable rewards.

3. When the finals are coming, in order to counter your tactics, some managers will try to figure out which tactics you are using by playing Friendly Match against you. If this happens, you will probably lose. To avoid this from happening, you can shield yourself up before the match starts so that no team can attack you.