The Legendary Classics system opens at Lv.37. It is one of the main ways to sign CL players and you can also get GEMs, CL Certs. and Board Confidence.

The Legendary Classics consists of a total of 14 top clubs (more will be added later). Each club has 4 tasks. Complete the tasks and you will be able to get items which can be used to sign CL players.

Let's make INTER an example:

1. Eye for an Eye: Win by a minimum of 4 goals; at least 4 goals from INTER players; Minimum 3 INTER players score. To complete this task, you need to increase the number of forwards. Formation 433 or 343 can increase your success rate.

2. Comeback in Florence: Win with at least one goal conceded; opponent leads for most of the time then stage a late comeback; win by a minimum of 2 goals. To complete this task, you can lower your team strength a little bit by disorganizing your first 11 on purpose. Once your opponent scores a goal, reorganize your first 11 to stage a comeback.

3. Friendship Complex: Defeat the opponent with a clean sheet; minimum 3 goals advantage by the end of the first half; win by a minimum of 4 goals. To complete this task, your team strength must be way higher than your opponent and your forwards need to be as many as possible.

4. The German Trio: INTER players in the First XI score at least 2 goals; German player in the First XI score at least 2 goals; have one S- or above rated INTER player and have him score minimum 5 goals in a single match. The easiest way to complete this task is to choose a formation with a single forward and then put Klinsmann on the field who is available in the Star Road.