The Specialtiy system opens at Lv.43. Specialities are players' special skills which are possessed by A- and above rated players only. They are divided into two classes: Battle and Resource. The Battle Specialities are the ones that can boost your team strength during a match while the Resource Specialities can enlarge your winning rewards. When the total points of one common Speciality of your first 11 players sum up to 11, it can be activated.

Let's take Speciality Control as an example. Now among your first 11, player A: 3 Control points, player B: 2 Control points, and player C: 5 Control points. To activate Control lvl 1, you need one more player who has at least 1 Control point and put him on the field.

Currently, these Specialities are the most popular in the game: Suppress, Control, Finish, Tenacity, Birdcage, Collapse, Parking Bus, Maul, Persevere, Inspire, Slackness, Postpone;

If you are looking for Specialities that can help you come back and win the game: Slackness and Tenacity are the best choices. Players who possess these Specialties (like Rivaldo and Gullit) can also be obtained at a low cost.

If you are a top manager on your server, Suppress and Inspire will be of great help to hold your position. Because these Specialities can add buffs/bonuses to your team Attack.

It seems like that right now many managers choose their players by the Specialities they have. We don't think this is necessary, because, after long and careful calculations, the effect of those Specialities is 20% of the the outcome of the game.